Friday, July 31, 2009


currently, i'm still busy..
medic n pharmacy's orientation finished..
left us..
still in the progress preparing for the
so-called Biomedical science annual gathering..
all of us already prepared for it for almost 1 month..
but our performances not really can satisfy the seniors..
sometimes get upset and frustrated..
when our performances being "banned"by seniors..
like the choir and the modern dance,
where both of them i joining..
the choir song i think we have changed for many..
4 or 5 times??
bc seniors said, they don like the songs..
then dance..being banned 1 time..
that time i reli frustrated,
bc practiced for quite a long time,
then ended up with being banned..
the reason: they don like it..
then all the dance steps and the poses had to be rearranged...

thanks god..
now we managed to arrange a new dance..
and the comments from seniors were quite good,
compared to the last time one..囧

this moment..
i'm in front of the big big mirror..
practicing for the dances..
5 songs..
1st song i wil dance then the chair dance then the mixed dance..
the chair dance....
lo meng ar.....
my knees feel like....cracked.....

this is the 1st time i left my home so far..
then now..i'm without a penny..
my purse lft----RM6..
then seniors gave us a form, called dedication form..
asked us to collect at least RM100 by selling the bears and the candies..
i just managed to gain RM30++..
then, i borrowed RM100 from friend to pay for the dedicationT^T
then today i went for withdrawal..
my account balance---RM20.97....
pity me~~~~~

not i wanna blame the seniors or who ever..
i just wanna say, for this gathering..
i totally have no time to do my homeworks..
currently, i have my physiology report, anatomy report,
biochemistry report, basic lab tech report, basic lab tech assignment to go..
Hubungan etnik presentation and assignment..
LO MENG~~~~~
all accumulated..
plus, next week will have microbiology exam
and basic lab tech exam as well.....
well, since i 1st enter UM, i did not digest one note sentence
although i know i have many things to go , but i couldn't..
i think because i m blur, my direction lost..
i cant clarify which i should do the 1st...
university life....
merely 1 month...
sharpen my mind..
i mean towards the people..
it's totally not the same as the secondary sch as well as the matriculation ppl..
it is......阴险
i started to fathom my future..
i mean the working world..
i think that will be far far more terrible..
be prepared.......T^T

walao eh.....
i so hope that..
the annual gathering fast fast come..
fast fast over....
then i will have better life!!!!
i lack sleep continuously for 1 month more already!---
since i received the offer letter form UM..
rushed for the bank things, the procedures things,
then the orientation week, then the faculty activities,
the homework, the pressure from lecturers and college activities.....