Friday, July 1, 2011

boring post entitled Somebody

Standing at the balcony,
breath a relief of sigh,
it's a sigh of being bored.
(In fact, lots of stuffs I should do, just that it don't really attracting)
What can see from here,
at the 8 levels above the ground,
is the bustling yet lonely city
where the neon lights spark here n there,
luxury cars flow along the lane non-stop,
heading to the dreams of theirs.

I pace back to my lovely table,
track back on analyzing the distorted data,
going through the voluminous words of the thesis so-called,
Imma faint.
Yet, these things make me have to do,
and it must be well,
for me to go,
the way I want, and I must.

Strike just a little bit more.
Can I?
Gob please, bless me a lot.
It can drive me a a lot.

Oh yea,
it's really bored.
and, this trend will go on for another 5 months.
So, I have been seeking for fun things.
Just that others seem too particular in their things,
and it creates guilt in me, of my laze.
But I don't care,
Laze is my characteristic that I can't manage to lose.xD

Somebody, please....
take a night LRT trip with me..
it can create satiety in just about every way a trip can.Haha.

Somebody, please....
Bank-in my salary for me!
I don't want an ice-cream,
I want $$.
Is not realistic, it is rather 'pragmatic'.

Somebody please....
train my eyesight be as shape as her,
so that i can detect even a little small comma symbol,
bcoz printing is not easy for now.

Somebody please.....
Talk to me..
I need silly pointless talk..

Somebody please..
look at this..

I miss it..
Mille crepes from Nadeje Patisseris cafe, Malacca.
The soft texture of every layer of the cake sandwiching the mocha smoothie cream,
awhh.. fat die me..
I like this.
The briefly frozen mango yogurt between the layers is very pleasant.

A random portrait of me n original vanilla crepe.
In the short Malacca short trip with my 'lovely' spontaneous GYP..

Somebody please..
ask my assays to be good girls..
so that my lab works can end fast.
so that we can go for wonderful dinner on time=)

Oh yea.. Carbonara spaghetti at Tappers
after lab work.=)

good girls good girls..
sayang u all.. be guai guai..
i buy alot of chupa lolipop..

I can't wait for my steak!!!
Wednesday please come fast!

p/s: still so boring.........ZzzzZzzzz....